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Add motion to your portfolio without breaking the budget!  The +Dolly Kit adds productivity to your gear.  What other Follow Focus doubles as a precision dolly?  Our new +Dolly Kit converts your Silencer Air+ Follow Focus into a precision dolly capturing linear slider, rotational targeted and automatic pans on any smooth surface.*Silencer Air+ Required*  

  The +Dolly Kit

Dolly Quickly Adjustable Kit


Folding Design Packs 

Fast and easy setup!  Connect with the 24shots app and configure the Silencer Air+ for Dolly use.  Then using the trigger/dial controller you can pull a variable speed between targets or utilize the Save Marks mode to enable push button saved stop positions or utilize the new Time Lapse features.    

Spring loaded, easy adjusting wheels can maneuver the dolly on virtually any radius.   Offers various mounting holes for ¼-20 gear.  Can attach camera directly to plate or use low profile ball head (Head optional and not included)


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