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The Air +Turntable kit adds rotating motion to your work.  Our new Turntable Kit converts your Silencer Air Follow Focus into a precision turntable capturing precision rotational views of products.  The rotating platform features mounting holes to secure products, cameras, lights or any other gear you want to spin for given effects.  *Silencer Air+ Required

The Air +Turntable Kit

Fast and easy setup! The 24shots App transforms the Silencer Air + into turntable controller.  In the App go to settings configure system, Choose turntable.  Restart motor and controller in turntable mode.  Adjust slider to match desired speed, Choose rotation direction and press desired rotation time.  Also use controller button 1 to rotate for 5 seconds and button 2 for 15 seconds. The Turntable can support a balanced weight of 6 lbs.  

Air + into Turntable Controller.

Included;  Six inch diameter top and bottom turntable platforms featuring hard anodized coating with anti-slip pads.  Easy to install to the Silencer Air+   App free 

Six Inch Diameter Top and Bottom Turntable

Many more motion control products coming soon!    Just the start of the Silencer Air + Ecosystem


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