Motorized Follow Focus

Motorized Follow Focus Control System

A motorized follow focus is a system that allows filmmakers to pull focus and balance the camera on the move. At 24shots, you will find this system making it easier to achieve superior quality production value even when your budget is limited.

With adaptable and height-adjustable base plate, this great system enables you to switch from different cameras without having to break the whole system down.

Here are some features of motorized follow focus

  • Motorized zoom leads to smooth focusing and zooming
  • Satisfying shoulder pad
  • Transportable and interchangeable motors
  • Alterable speed for zoom and focus controlling
  • 2 sets of motorized zoom and focus operation system
  • With motorized zoom on the hand grips for better control

Built with two sets of operation system, a this system makes it easier for you to control the zoom and focus whether fixed on a tripod or on your shoulder. Its two motors on both sides of the rails can be moved and are interchangeable.

A motorized follow focus system is not only designed with memory function, but can record four focus points making it more beneficial for the users to capture some crucial moment.

A motorized follow focus and zoom control system packed with an altered shoulder support rig designed to work with all DSLRs and most lenses up to 600m is what you should consider.



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