Silencer Follow Focus

Silencer Follow Focus

Who won’t prefer an amazing story, captivating actors, and an adequate camera? But if your shots are not in focus, then you seriously have a big problem.

With a reliable focus puller with the necessary experience making sure that your shots are in focus may work to your advantage during production, but if you happen to be a simple crew, the person behind the camera (maybe you) often has to deal with that responsibility.

The big difficulty that one faces when it comes to pulling focus on their own is giving up a hand that could be balancing the camera, but silencer follow focusis the one that will allow you to keep your images clear while your both hands will be on the wheel.

This type of follow focus system is a true kickstarter, being the only follow focus to be controlled by a trigger, can be bought from 24shots at a competitive price. Practically silent, it offers both true Run & Gun capability as well as photographic focus movement.

“Silencer” has primarily been designed so one can use it without any hassles and, at the same time, provides professional results. Moreover, the trigger allows you to effortlessly control the focus control on your camera as you need.

In fact, there is no need for a second person for you to get the perfect shot. This follow focus system will allow accurate control of your focus while remaining in complete control of your equipment.

Silencer electronic camera follow focus system is truly the first of its kind that can be controlled by a trigger system for much needed precision and control while focusing. 



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