Wireless follow Focus

Wireless and Remote Follow Focus Control System

A follow focus is a focus control device that has extensively been used not only in film-making with film cameras, but also in television production with professional video cameras.

No doubt about the fact that filmmakers have been making the most of productive freedom and confidence which they get from the follow focus system. In fact, this device is truly one of the main support systems on the production set.

There are several individuals that have been relying on a manual one, which seems just fine in most of the cases, but it normally doesn’t work to one’s advantage with some restrictions imposed.

But you don’t worry! A wireless follow focus system is a great and an effective solution that can help you to keep everything in-focus as it can be controlled remotely.

In fact, a lot of videomakers are emphasizing on the use of wireless follow focus worldwide. This system can very well be used along with matching camera control gear, including DSLR rigs, Steadycam kits, sliders etc.

Want to use the right remote follow focus system? There are two options you can choose from:    

  1. You will either have to use cinema style lenses


     2.  Convert your DSLR still photography lenses by putting a focus gear ring belt on the focus ring of your lens.

Many camera operators are relying on the use of remote follow focus at 24shots. This system allows accurate control of lenses, especially those that cannot be reached easily, commonly on a jib/crane, or on a Steadycam. It is a lightweight, ergonomic controller that provides a large range of function in the industry. 



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