Silencer Flight Follow Focus and Zoom System for Aerial Rigs

Silencer Flight Follow Focus and Zoom System for Aerial Rigs


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Product Description

Legacy System-  2013 No longer in production.  Motorized Follow Focus Control System



The Silencer Flight is a follow focus and zoom made specifically for drones, using your remote control to put focus right at your fingertips.  The Silencer Pro is built to order.  Please allow 3-4 days to ship your order.  



Setting up the Silencer Flight to work with your radio receiver is simple, and will work with any radio system. When you adjust the variable function, the belt drive will respond instantly moving the focus ring as fast or slow as you want. Zero lag, zero play.


Depending on the battery size, the System can be powered directly from any 2S or 3S battery. The Micro Box was designed specifically for aeiral vehiciles, which means it's light weight at only 6oz, and easily mounted and secured to your airframe with high quality velcro straps or double sided tape.


Forget taking ten minutes to change lenses. We're talking quick adjustments. The belt drive and gear drives are the same as our other Silencer kits, which means we're bringing all the versatility of our focus systems to your aerial vehicle.

Sometimes you’ll have particular needs for your shoot. We’ve got you covered.




Technical Details:


Legacy System-  2013 No longer in production.   Included: Custom Shoe mount – 104mm spacing, 2 Lens rings, Short Motor Rail, Tension Pulley assembly, Threaded rails 1 -30mm – 1 -60mm, Flight Control Box (mounting hardware), Female to Female connection PWM cable – Receiver to Silencer Flight

Shown but not included: Lens gear

Optional add on for Align G3 Gimbal - G3 Frame Mount Not included

Weight Breakdown:
This will give you a good idea of how much weight will be used at once on the drone's gimbal.

2 Short Motor Rails 5.2 oz
Shoe Mount 1.8 oz
2 Rail Extenders .8 oz
2 Tensioner Pulleys 2 oz
2 Lens Rings 1.4 oz
2 Belts .4 oz
11.6 oz

The Micro Box will also be attached anywhere on the drone, weighing in at 6 oz (including battery).

¹Battery Power: Most Drone manufacturers recommend using a different battery source with any added equipment to prevent any interference from power fluctuations from the ESC’s powering the drone. We recommend using 3Cell or 2Cell battery pack for the Silencer. Power input 8-13.5 volts DC. Power wire is 18" long and is prepped and ready to be connectorized to your desired battery source plug.

Silencer Flight's Micro Box accepts input from a Receiver or a Decoder.

Single / Multiple User - Silencer Flight requires 2 open channels, one for focus and one for zoom.

If the radio system on the Drone is using SBUS you can use Futaba Hub and S-Bus Channel decoder to determine which channels function with the Silencer (Futaba or similar).

Not Included but can be very helpful for install (All installs will be slightly different): For single user we recommend Futaba CIU-2 Interface (FUTM0951), Futaba SBD-1 Decoder (FUTM4193) and S-Bus Hub with cable (FUTM4195) if you need to separate the S-Bus Signal from the Drone Control System.



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