Rail Clamp

Rail Clamp


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Product Description

Allows you to quickly add support rods to a rig or accessory. It is able to support one or two 15mm rods to any product. It is suitable for quickly customizing a rig to your own specifications and giving you extra mounting space for all your equipment. It lets you put together a simple rods support system on a DSLR cage. It can also be used for assembling a full rig and lets you mount your accessories to your setup. It includes clamping handle for fast adjustmants.

It allows for improved hold on the 15mm rods to secure them tightly with ease. It features a clean and smooth finish that gives it a professional look and feel, and helps with the fit of the rods, allowing easy and smooth adjustments with less chance of damage or scratches on the rods. The standard 15mm rod sizing allows for easy incorporation into an existing rig system and flexibility for future expansion. Rod spacing is 60mm



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