Short Motor Rail Kit

Short Motor Rail Kit


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If you have limited space on your rig, like on a Gimbal, using a Short Motor Rail for your rig is the way to go.

The Short Pro Motor Rail is 3" long which is 5" shorter than our regular Motor Rail. It has a threaded back which lets you screw in one of our 15mm rails to extend the rail backward.

The Short Motor Rail is mounted by using an included 19mm - 15mm carrier which will allow it to be mounted to a 15mm rail system. If you are using a 19mm diameter rail system you will need the 19X19mm rail carrier.

Included in this kit:

1 - Pro Short Motor Rail

1 - 19mm Tension Pulley Base

1 - 19X15mm Rail Carrier

1 - 6" Rail 15mm diameter






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