Silencer AIR Wireless Follow Focus


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Silencer Air Wireless Follow Focus

Solo Operators – The Silencer Air is the perfect solution for controlling focus/zoom on your own.  This lens control system is completely wireless and connects to the new 24shots app to enhance your workflow and improve your cinematography. The Silencer is the only trigger controlled follow focus which you can operate with both hands on the rig to get a great stable shot.  Focus at your fingertip!  Compare the Legacy Silencer Air  Vs.  New Silencer Air+


Wireless Trigger

When you pull or push the trigger, the motor module will respond moving the lens ring as fast or slow as you want. The trigger can be mounted to any handgrip or gimbal easily adapting it to any rig in your arsenal. The Silencer AIR is a powerful tool built for professional filmmakers and camera operators.

Wireless Motor

Gear and Belt Drive

Ultra Low Weight System

Battery Adapter with Wireless Motor & Battery Rail


New Silencer Air+ All in One Follow Focus

 Gimbals Including Dji Ronin-M

Silencer Air easily mounts to gimbals including DJI Ronin-M, Ronin S, Freefly MoVI M5/10/15, and any other gimbal available.

DJI Ronin-M, Ronin S, Freefly MoVI M5/10/15

Silencer Air Follow Focus 24shots App

The Silencer AIR utilizes the New 24shots App to change modes and modify system configurations creating your own personalized style, further tailoring the Silencer performance to your project. The App offers many features such as saving lenses, adjusting speed curves, and a built in transition editor.

Silencer Air Follow Focus 24shots app   

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mode Options

App Classic and Set Marks Modes

Tracking App

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mounting Options

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mounting options for the system

 Focus and Zoom Controller

Focus and Zoom Controller

Rail Clamp Adapts to Existing 15 or 19mm Rail Systems

Our new Pro Gear drive re-orients the motor drive vertically to mate gears directly with the lens. Custom rail clamp adapts to existing 15 or 19mm rail systems. System very compact and self contained, quickly pivots for fast lens changes. Still completely wireless!

Pro Gear Drive

The User Guide Included Item Rig Setup

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mode Details

Silencer Air


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