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Silencer AIR Wireless Follow Focus


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Product Description

Silencer Air Wireless Follow Focus

Focusing on your own just got a lot easier with the Silencer AIR. This new lens control system is completely wireless and connects to the New 24shots App to enhance ground and aerial cinematography. The Silencer is the only trigger controlled follow focus, which means you can keep both hands on the rig to get a great stable shot. Put focus control at your fingertip with the Silencer AIR.

Silencer Air Wireless Follow Focus Trigger Details

When you pull or push the trigger, the motor module will respond moving the lens ring as fast or slow as you want. The trigger can be mounted to any handgrip or gimbal easily adapting it to any rig in your arsenal. The Silencer AIR is a powerful tool built for professional filmmakers and camera operators.

Silencer Air Follow Focus Motor Details

Silencer Air Wireless Follow Focus Weight Stats

Silencer Air Follow Focus 24shots App

The Silencer AIR utilizes the New 24shots App to change modes and modify system configurations creating your own personalized style, further tailoring the Silencer performance to your project. The App offers many features such as saving lenses, adjusting speed curves, and a built in transition editor.

Silencer Air Follow Focus 24shots app   

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mode Options

Silencer Air Follow Focus 24shots app modes classic and save marks

Silencer Air Follow Focus 24shots app tracking and drone mode

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mounting Options

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mounting options for the system

Silencer Air easily fits on gimbals including DJI Ronin-M, Ronin, Freefly MoVI M5/10/15, and any other gimbal available.

Silencer Air Follow Focus Optional Pro Gear Drive Upgrade

Our new Pro Gear drive re-orients the motor drive vertically to mate gears directly with the lens. Custom rail clamp adapts to existing 15 or 19mm rail systems. System very compact and self contained, quickly pivots for fast lens changes. Still completely wireless!

Silencer Air Follow Focus Pro Gear Drive installed on C300

Silencer Air Follow Focus Mode Details



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Silencer Air User Guide:   

Spare Trigger Battery

Spare Motor Battery

Spare USB Charger

Press Release:

24shots releases their next generation wireless focus control system.  Well known for their unique trigger controlled follow focus providing operators the ability to keep both hands on the rig, maintaining stabilization and allowing true run and gun shooting for filmmakers.  The new Silencer Air Follow Focus offers major advances for ground and aerial cinematography.  Their next generation Trigger Control is now wireless and connects directly to their Motor.  The trigger easily mounts to any type rig.  24shots has completely redesigned their system packing the motor module with the full complement of wireless communications and the electronic motor controls. The Motor houses the batteries in the rail system eliminating ALL wires.  Most impressive is the entire Motor Module weighs only 3.5oz which is 1/3rd the weight of systems on the market.  This dramatically reduces weight which is critical especially on gimbal rigs.  In addition, the system utilizes the 24shots Silencer Air App to facilitate various modes and system configurations creating your own personalized style, further tailoring the Silencer Air to your project. The Silencer Air App offers many features including saving and sharing specifics for each of your lenses.

A simple press of a button in the app quickly changes the remote lens control between the following modes; 

Classic mode: Provides full adjustment of the motor speed, offers the addition of the Turbo function for those very stiff lenses, and allows users to adjust the deadband to make the system as reactive as you require.  The combination of these settings can be crafted and saved and re-opened again for another shoot or another lens.  This mode is a great for run and gun filming. 

Set marks mode:  Can save up to twenty five set focus/zoom points.  Not only this, you can use the Transition Editor in the app to quickly create specific transitions from point to point adding your artistic touch for the project.   This is a feature matched by no other remote follow focus.  The editor allows full customization of travel speed, ramp up and ramp down slope profiles.  While adjusting the transition, the App also provides an estimated transition time.  This will allow you to adjust your transition to fit the shot perfectly. Once the points and transitions are set, it’s a simple button push on the trigger to step from point to point.  Perfect for one continuous shot type projects.

Tracking mode:  Directly links the trigger to the position of the lens.  As you pull or push the trigger the motor simultaneously moves the lens.  With one finger movement you can rotate the lens from one end to the other precisely hitting your focus marks.

Drone mode:  Once enabled you’ll have the ability to use any lens and have set endpoints.  This allows direct connection of the Silencer AIR Motor to your remote receiver providing full control to the remote focus puller.  Adding only 3.6oz. to the drone. 

All this functionality providing a remote focus puller maximum performance all packed into a compact wireless follow focus dslr, Blackmagic, Canon EOS, Red, Sony, Arri, Panavision and many more. The Silencer Air offers the best value of any remote follow focus adding incredible value to your projects.  Visit their website or facebook page for future updates.     

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