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Add harness w/ regulator 40V max
No I will use 2 cell battery
Add the connection harness ($75)

Product Description

The new Silencer Air+ is an extremely versatile follow focus / zoom / aperture control for any drone. Setting up the Air+ to work with your radio receiver is simple, and will work with any radio system. Adjust the radio and the motor responds instantly. System can be used with belts for photo lenses, gear drive for cine lenses and Pro gear drive for rail system/cine lenses. Many mounting options and very lightweight platform Approx 8 oz. Includes; 1 +Motor, Shoe mount, rail mounts, Many other support items. In stock and shipping!


The Silencer Air+ is strong and precise enough to drive photo or cinema lenses, and it’s versatile to accommodate any given lens set up. Below is Pro gear drive with 90 degree mount.  


Using the gear drive you can adapt to lenses with added zip gears or connect directly to lens ring with the belt drive.  Shown with two systems (Zoom & Focus)


You asked and we’re delivering. This system offer a high torque motor built specifically for the drone application. On startup the system auto-maps the lens gathering stats on the lens stiffness and rotational distances optimizing performance.


The Air+ motor connects to the PWM signal output of the radio receiver.  It requires 2 cell battery connection or regulator harness we offer to allow direct connection to higher power batteries.  System Max input is 9VDC.  It will not connect to SBUS without using Futaba SBUS converter or similar device. 


Belt Drive | Standard Gear Drive | Pro Gear Drive included with all Drone Air+ Systems.


Based on 2 reviews
Best I've used
I’ve used many very expensive flight systems and they do not even compare. System mounts in so many ways allowing me to choose what is best for my rig. Very lightweight at about 6oz mounted weight. The others I used were much more than this. I also was impressed with the tech support. I called up and talked with John a few times before I bought it. He walked me through the entire system and what was included. Installation was easy!
Accurate / Highly recommend for drone users
I originally purchased the Silencer Flight wired system, I upgraded to the AIR+ drone system and I’m very pleased. First off the auto mapping feature makes the system so much easier to use and MUCH more accurate. Any small adjustment on the joystick adjusts the motor/lens position. No messing with the app, just turn it on and its linked and ready to go.