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Product Description

The new Silencer Air+ is an extremely versatile wireless follow focus / zoom control.  Also can be used as a motorized dolly, and a 360 degree turntable! Also included is the new +Dial controller and the trigger controller.  The Air+ has undergone major upgrades including time lapse mode, automatic lens mapping, and two button-save focus points.  System includes; 1 +Motor | 1 +Dial | 1 +Trigger, | Many other support items.  In stock and shipping!   Compare Silencer Air to legacy system


The Silencer Air+ is strong and precise enough to drive photo or cinema lenses, and it’s versatile to accommodate any given lens set up.


You asked and we’re delivering. The Silencer Air+ includes both the trigger and Air + Dial controller and the ability to easily switch between them.


The 24shots App is the hub that unleashes advanced potential of the Silencer Air+. Here, you can switch between using the system as a follow focus, a motion device, a turn table, or a drone follow focus. You can also choose between different customization modes tailored for each use of the Silencer. It’s simple to use but it gives you total control.


The Silencer Air+ is more than just a follow focus. Now you can reconfigure the system to work as the optional motion devices below. More motion devices are coming very soon.


Based on 21 reviews
impressive kit

Love this kit. Was using the DJI kit and was just not that good. Switched to the Silencer and really enjoy the trigger. So intuitive and easy to set up.

what a find

Great system! I use it on all my rigs. Quickly change from rig to rig. I can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next.

Great product - Amazing customer support
Great follow focus, really like the new dial. Lightweight and install was easy. I use it daily and seems to be a good quality product. I message them all the time with questions and ideas for upgrades and they’re very responsive. Nice to see this in a company these days.
Ronin S
I bought into the Ronin S frenzy and quickly disappointed by their products again…. I had bought the Gimbal with the follow focus but follow focus was not any good. Gimbal is ok at best. The only item that made the rig usable was the Silencer Air+. It was easy to setup and balance was no problem. Trigger control is genius concept. Now that I’ve used it DJI’s dial handle is useless..
Just love this thing
It works amazing. Small crew and gets the job done! Impresses my customers especially when I let them take control with the dial 🙂