Industrial Camera Zoom, Focus & Aperture Systems


manufactures high performance drive motors, control firmware/software and systems for optical camera lenses used in industrial, military, sports, medical, and municipal applications. Combining custom lightweight hardware, patented robust motor design and automated lens mapping functions, our systems can be customized to communicate on many platforms and protocols. The unique motor package thrives in applications with limited mounting space and strict weight constraints. 24shots offers customers a design team to aide in precision lens control systems and provides guidance on entire lens control systems.


Motor weight; 2 to 4 oz.  Industrial Camera Zoom, Focus & Aperture Systems

Voltage; 7.4Vdc / 2 cell / or customized

Mounting; 19mm / 15mm diameter

Torque; Adjustable to meet application requirements.  

Control Systems; Communication protocols including RS232, RS485, PWM, UART, TTL etc. 

Drive Systems; Systems can be configured to accommodate belt drive, gear drive or any other custom dive specification. 

Lens Compatibility;  Automated lens mapping function re-calibrates system for any lens, any degree of rotation for Zoom, Focus / Aperture.  No rail system required.  

Connection Harness; Design harnesses with or without voltage regulators and other connection requirements.

Camera Bodies/Lenses

We build to a variety of industrial camera bodies/lenses on numerous control platforms.  Single and multiple control applications.

Camera Bodies/Lenses

Systems can be configured to accommodate belt drive, gear drive or any other custom dive specification. Our engineers can design to your specific application constraints.                        

Please complete form below and share any details you can about your project.  Our design team can assist with specific details related to your application requirements.  You can also email us photos and system requirements 




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