24shots App Tracking and Drone Modes

Tracking mode:  This directly links the trigger to the position of the lens.  As you pull or push the trigger the motor simultaneously moves the lens.  Within one finger movement you can rotate the lens from one end to the other and precisely hit your focus marks.  You can narrow portion of the lens you’d like to work within by simply dragging the sliders.  This will gain accuracy to portion of lens you want to work within.  Also you can remove the spring return on the wireless trigger to allow lens to stay at position.  Simply rotate the knob on the trigger so arrow faces down.

rone mode:  Once enabled you’ll have the ability to use any lens and have set endpoints.  This allows direct connection of the Silencer AIR Motor to your remote receiver from any open channel on your receiver.  You will alos have adjustments of the power curve and the turbo to accommodate any stiff lenses.  All this at an incredibly low weight 3.6oz. added to the drone.