Details on the 24shots App Classic and Set Marks Modes


The Silencer Air System can track and save up to 20 set focus/zoom marks.  Not only this, you can use the Transition Editor in the app to quickly create specific transitions from point to point adding your artistic touch for the project.   The editor allows full customization of travel speed, ramp up and ramp down slope profiles.  While adjusting the transition, the App also provides an estimated transition time.  This will allow you to adjust your transition to fit the shot perfectly. Once the points and transitions are set, it’s a simple button push on the trigger to step through from point to point.  What happens when your subject or you miss your mark?   Once the system is at point the user can quickly adjust the trigger to move the lens slightly in both directions to quickly resolve errors on the fly. The ability to make this minor adjustment is a time saver for sure.  Perfect for one continuous shot type projects.

Classic mode:   The Silencer Air provides full adjustment of the motor speed, offers the addition of the Turbo function for those very stiff lenses, and allows users to adjust the deadband to make the system as reactive as you require.  The combination of these settings can be crafted and saved and re-opened again for another shoot or another lens.  This mode is a great for run and gun filming

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